Episode 1: Introduction to Philip Robison Property

From mortgage broker to prostate cancer to the depths of property disaster to helping Australians build wealth by having a plan that provides cash flow in retirement.

  • My journey into Property started out in 2001 when I entered the world of finance as a Mortgage Broker and did that for almost 19 years.
  • I Helped hundreds of clients who purchased investment properties with their finance.
  • Respectfully I’d say most clients didn’t really know what they were doing when it came to assessing criteria of what is a good investment vs a bad Investment property.
  • They didn’t have a clear strategy with what they were doing – their thinking was mostly short-term rather than let’s look at where we want to be in the next 10-15 even 20 years.
  • During my time as a Mortgage Broker buying off the plan properties were all the rage. I saw all sorts of outcomes some good but many were disasters with poor valuations at settlement, questionable quality of construction and many other problems.
  • So let me fast forward to 2008 – The Global Financial Crisis – The GFC and my Mortgage Broker revenue drops almost 75% within a matter of weeks.
  • What to do?? I obtained my Real Estate Licence and began offering Off The Plan Properties to my clients.
  • However what I soon learned the hard way was you cannot control Valuations, The quality of the build, the attentiveness of the builder to attend defects, and developers who charge exorbitant penalty interest like 14% if you fail to settle on time.
  • So let me jump forward to September 2014 – After a routine visit to my Doctor for my annual check-up I have a change in my PSA reading. (A measure for Prostate)
  • My Doctor refers me to a Urologist where I am booked in for a Biopsy where they take 30 swabs from my prostate and the result is 13 of the 30 had Cancer so on December 16, 2014 I had my Prostate removed.
  • Why am I sharing this you?? Because I have no doubt that stress played a major part in me manifesting my cancer.
  • So this leads me in to one of my main goals with bringing you this Podcast Series and that is I want everyday Mums and Dads, Individuals and anyone who wants to build wealth through property be able to do so without incurring massive stress.
  • I have seen the impact on people when they have bought a property that is burning a hole in their pocket because the holding costs are smashing them or the Rental they are getting due to a change in the market is putting massive pressure on their cash flow and creating stress for them in the home and on their personal relationships.
  • So this Podcast series is inspired by my objective to help as many Australians as possible to get to retirement with Cash and Property Assets.

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