Episode 10: The Role of Today’s Mortgage Broker with Therese Oneill

  • Today I catch up with the dynamic Therese Oneill who is a Business Adviser, A Presenter a Keynote Speaker MBA Holder and a Mentor to over 300 Brokers Nationally.
  • Therese is accredited as a Mentor with both the peak bodies of the Mortgage Industry – namely the MFAA and the FBAA and in 2018 was awarded the title of the FBAA’s Mentor of the Year.
  • Therese shares her journey after she left Citibank in 2009 and created Mentorvision where she designed Coaching, Mentoring IP, Training Plans and Tools specific to the Mortgage & Finance Broking Industries.
  • We explore what it was that lead Therese down this path of choosing to become a Mentor to Mortgage Brokers.
  • Therese shares what it means to be a Broker Mentor and what outcomes she endeavours to achieve for them.
  • We look at when it makes sense for a Broker to appoint a Mentor?
  • Therese shares her thoughts on what are some of the qualities that make up the DNA of a top Mortgage Broker.
  • With the significant changes in the role of a Mortgage Broker over the past 3 years or so we discuss the impact on brokers in terms of this added responsibility and accountability and what it has meant for a broker’s workload and stress.
  • I ask Therese about one of my areas of interest for brokers and that is Mental Health – The brokers that you’ve mentored do you think they are doing enough in looking after their mental health because I remember when I was a broker that the long hours, early starts and after hours appointments were part and parcel of the life of the broker. I ask this as I really believe that being a broker these days is very stressful as they are often dealing with clients who bring their stress to a lending situation which in effect the broker inadvertently takes on.
  • Is enough being done within the industry to provide support to brokers? For Example I know the FBAA was a big supporter of the RUOK Day?
  • Now more than ever that the role of a Mortgage Broker is very much that of an Adviser and a connector – ie) they can connect their clients to a good Accountant, Legal Practitioner, Building Inspector and other members of what I call your DREAM TEAM – Do you feel they are the conduit to many of these and other Important Professionals?
  • I ask Therese about how can a Professional Broker help investors?
  • What do you see as the Future for the Mortgage Broking Industry?

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