Episode 11: The Role of a Conveyancer – Part of your Dream Team with Martin Galea

Today I catch up with Martin Galea of Tickbox Conveyancing who started his journey in to the world of conveyancing and property in 1984 as a legal clerk.

-Previously Martin was Vice President of the Australian Institute of Conveyancing Victoria branch, sat on the advisory committee which played a vital role in the development of the Conveyancing diploma run by RMIT and was the first and – to date – only ever appointed Statutory Manager by Consumer Affairs Victoria.

-He served as a key consultant to PEXA and sat on the State Revenue Office Consultative Council, representing Victorian conveyancers. Martin is also a full member of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers (Vic), an accredited Certified Practicing Conveyancer, holds a Diploma of Financial Services (Conveyancing) from RMIT and is also a Fellow of the Institute of Legal Executives (Vic) which qualifies him to witness Statutory Declarations and affidavits. – Welcome Martin Galea.

-Martin shares how he got into Conveyancing?

-We chat about what is a Conveyancer and what are the primary tasks of a Conveyancer?

-The obvious question…What are the key differences between a Conveyancer and a Lawyer?

-Why would you pick one over another?

-What are the characteristics that distinguishes a good/excellent conveyancer over a poor one?

-Martin shares examples of how a good conveyancer can save you big time – Ever heard of the Apparent Purchasers Exemption? This one saved a client $25,000 in Government Stamp Duty.

-Is the work of a Conveyancer State based? Can you practice interstate or for matters cross border would you need to refer that work to another Conveyancer?

-Do conveyancers work on only Residential Matters or can they do work on Commercial matters as well?

-What are some of the different types of matters as a Conveyancer you act on? We spoke offline about Concessions, Subdivisions and Partitions? Martin provides examples of Case Studies/

-So when a matter goes off the rails what then? Do you engage and lawyer and if so when?

-Martin explains what PEXA is and its importance in the world of Covid-19 and how this enables settlements to be effected whilst maintaining Social Distancing.

-Martin shares his thoughts on being on the State Revenue Office Consultative Council, representing Victorian conveyancers.

-I ask Martin about what he sees as the future of Conveyancing from the Consumer’s Point of view? Are there any significant changes that we should look out for in the property landscape?

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