Episode 12: Why the Future is More Important than the Present and the Past with Terry Ryder

-Terry and I take a look at the Darling of Mainstream Media and kick off our discussion today with Sydney.

-We look back to 2013 & 2014 and look at Sydney’s previous 10 years there’s not a case for why you’d invest there. – We look at what’s happened to the Sydney market since then.

-Case Study Wollongong – Impact of when Blue Scope Steel was downsizing 5-6 years ago.

-What the local media had to say that house prices would fall by up to 50%.

-What really happened? We discuss this. It’s not what you think…

-Terry talks about his backyard the Sunshine Coast. 3-4 Years ago it was on the nose. Now? Boom.

-We look at what’s happened with the huge investment in Infrastructure and Healthcare and Terry cites Maroochydore as another example and the impact on house values for the Sunshine Coast.

-Case Study Townsville – Look at the past 5 years it was going backwards – What’s happening now with significant construction and infrastructure being spent of around $25 Billion? The impact will be huge for growth in the future.

-South Australia – One of the least Covid affected States. Adelaide has the perception of a low growth city. If you follow the mainstream media you wouldn’t put Adelaide in the mix.

-Big technology investment with Tessler and Technicolor Films and others.

-We touch on what’s happening in Regional South Australia with some towns experiencing price growth in double digits.

-West Australia – Perth on face value you’d see that Perth’s Property values have been going backwards for 5 years so on that basis you wouldn’t consider investing in Perth.

-We explore the case for Perth and the resurgence in the resource sector and agriculture that is driving this market again.

-We focus on Geelong in Victoria or what I currently refer to as Covid County.

-We discuss the similarities between Geelong and Wollongong both previously blue collar (smoke stack) economies.

-We examine the key drivers in Geelong that include Government Department relocations and Healthcare and other industries.

-The Latrobe Valley another Victorian Region that was written off with the Decommissioning of the Hazelwood Power Station – if you’d believed the media that was the end of the Latrobe Valley.

-I discuss my trip to the Valley this week the impact of Lockdown and having to get through the roadblocks and the need to have letters from Local Real Estate Agents to ensure I’d be allowed into the Valley.

-We deep dive into what’s really happening in the Latrobe Valley made up of Key towns Churchill, Moe/Newborough Morwell, Traralgon and I discuss what I found out it’s pretty exciting for investors.

-We take a close look at the key drivers for the Latrobe Valley and its future with examples of solid median price growth over the last 12 months.

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