Episode 14: Let’s talk Mental Health In the Finance World with Peter White

In this Episode I have the pleasure of interviewing Finance Industry Legend Peter White. Peter is in his 42nd year in the banking and finance industry. He is the managing director of the FBAA – The Finance Brokers Association of Australia, the chairman of the Global Board of Governors for the IMBF – The International Mortgage Brokers Federation, the executive chairman and co-founder of The Sanity Space Foundation he is an advisory board member of the Small Business Association of Australia and was made a member of the Order of Australia in the Queen’s 2019 Birthday honours list for his significance in the finance sector and the community.

-Peter shares his journey the highs the lows of the finance industry and the many changes in that time.

-I ask Peter “What are some of the things you would do differently if you had your time over again?”

-We explore what Peter sees as the biggest challenges today for the finance and banking industry.

-Peter gives his personal account and read on the state of mental health in the finance sector.

-Our discussion leads us to how brokers are coping particularly in Melbourne right now without face to face contact with their customers.

-What can the industry bodies do more of to support their members so that some of the industry doesn’t fall through the cracks?

-I ask Peter about RUOK Day an initiative he has been very much involved and what it’s doing for those in the finance industry and beyond.

-Peter shares what motivated him to start The Sanity Space Foundation and his mission. It’s powerful, raw and so needed.

-When it comes to mental health for the finance and banking industry what is on your wishlist? What would you like to see happen?

-We look at the question “What can we all do to help our brothers and sisters in the industry?”

-I share a strategy I have found very helpful to create a discussion with a friend by asking the question, “how was your day out of 10?”. Thething about this question is it requires an answer a number a score. Whereas if you were to ask someone, “how are you going?” it’s too easy for them to say, “yeah not bad” and that’s the end of it. You are letting them off the hook and if they are struggling, you haven’t been able to create a safe space for them to share how they’re really doing. Whereas when you ask for an answer to the question, “how was your day out of 10?”,this is likely to get a response…”Oh it was a 2 or a 4″ etc. You can then ask what it was that made your day a 4 for example. Have you ever had an 8? What would they look like for you and so on.

-The thing about us men is we try to fix things, problem solve we don’t need to do that we just need to listen.

-Peter shares what he hopes to achieve in the next 5 years.

-I close off by asking Peter “What would you like to say to our listeners many of whom are from the Finance and Banking Industry when it comes to Mental Health what message would you like to leave them with.”

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