Episode 15: The Game-Changing Trends Supercharging Markets with Terry Ryder

This week Terry Ryder and I discuss the key trends currently driving Property Markets across Australia.

We explore 4 key factors which are:

  1. The cities which have the virus under control have higher confidence, more activity, lower vacancies and busier markets.
  2. The Exodus to an Affordable Lifestyle,
  3. The impact First-home buyers are having in the market at present.
  4. Vacancy Rates and what they mean for Property Markets. So which locations are positively impacted by these key trends?

Terry and I look at each of these 4 factors in depth and then highlight the cities and towns that tick the boxes in each category.

We discuss examples of cities that are meeting the criteria for growth and in some cases there are cities that tick all four boxes.

We also take a swipe at the constant obsession with Media Misinformation and how this really doesn’t assist investors when it comes to knowledge around what is “really” happening in the Australian Property Market.

Finally we take a look at the locations benefiting most from all of these dominant trends and finish up with case studies that will benefit investors when it comes to plotting their investment strategy.

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