Episode 16: It’s Still The Lucky Country! Just Ask Bernard Desmond

-Today my guest Bernard Desmond is a Multi Award winning Mortgage Broker who firmly believes “Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you CARE,”

-I need to draw breath here to list his achievements (You’ll be able to make a cup of coffee in the time it takes me to list these)

-He was recently also elected as State President for the Finance Brokers Association of Australia for Victoria and Tasmania. His prime goal is to work closely with the FBAA Leadership team and help roll out quality Professional Development Programs to benefit FBAA members in Metropolitan & Regional Areas. As Part of the State Council he wants to be part of a team that Champions the Finance Broking Industry, Finance Brokers and the FBAA.

-We start with where it all started back in India where Bernard shares what it was like growing up as a boy in India.

-Bernard tells of his decision to move to Dubai where he took up a role in Logistics and what that role taught him.

-Bernard talks about his switch in to Banking and his love of Exceptional Customer Service.

-We discuss the events of 2007 that shaped Bernard in to becoming a man and the impact of losing his dad to a stroke had on him and his mother and younger brother.

-In 2018 a very special event took place where Bernard married his childhood sweetheart!

-In 2009 Bernard shares what it was like for him going through the GFC

-Fast forward to 2012 and Bernard emigrates to Australia and talks about his first role in Banking and other roles in the Finance Industry and how that shaped and solidified his hunger to be the best he could possibly be as a Mortgage Broker.

-In 2014 you become a dad for the first time…I bet that was a special time. – Bernard also shares some of the key things that happened such as bringing his beloved mum to Australia, relocating his brother to New Zealand and becoming a father for the second time.

-We chat about some of the lessons and growth Bernard had and he shares his thoughts and advice for new to industry and anyone who wants to create an A Grade Mortgage Business?

-I ask Bernard if there are any things he’d do differently or better if he had his time over?

-Bernard shares what he refers to his CARE Strategy to achieve outstanding results

-I ask Bernard about his role as the State President for the Finance Brokers Association of Australia for Victoria and Tasmania. What does this involve?

-We touch on such an important issue and that is Mental Health within the Finance Industry and we chat about Bernard’s advice for Brokers when it comes to managing their Mental Health.

-I share what we teach at Saving Brother where we ask men to ask their friends…” How’s your day going out of 10?…

-We talk about Bernard’s Petition around Digital Signing of Loan Offer Dox versus Snail Mail. Bernard brings us up to speed on just what the impact of Lockdown is having on getting Loan Offer Documents signed.

-We wrap up with Bernard recapping his journey and his love and gratitude for being in Australia and all the opportunities that it has provided for him and his family.

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