Episode 18: Let’s Talk Numbers with Tony Dimitriadis

Today I’m excited to welcome this week’s guest who is a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) who’s successfully run a vibrant Accounting and Advisory firm called AD Partners for over 20 years is the author of BUILD IT and the money will come which was first released in April 2017. He is the master of a proven 5 Step process that helps investors plan for the future based on having a clearly defined STRATEGY, establishing the right STRUCTURES, meeting all STATUTORY obligations, putting in place the most appropriate SYSTEMS and engaging the right SUPPORT Team – which is something I particularly love as I call this building your DREAM Team.

So straight off the bat I ask Tony “What do you think differentiates a Good Accountant say from a Great Accountant when it comes to investing in Property?”

What do you see as the role of a 21st Century Accountant?

I’m a great believer in getting it right from the start… With that in mind we talk about Structures and who or what entity should own the property in the first place…What do you feel are the right steps a seasoned property investor should be taking when it comes to structures of property ownership and the second part to that question is “What are the things that are going to influence the ownership of the property?”

Tony talks about setting up a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) and some examples of where this could be a worthy consideration as an Asset Holding and Tax effective strategy (Disclaimer – General Information not to be considered specific advice *

Tony shares of the things that can go wrong when it comes to owning property?

We unpack one of the Industry buzz words of the last 15-20 years Negative Gearing…Tony shares his views on this.

Depreciation’s another interesting so we dive that rabbit hole and pull apart how that works for investors.

One of the considerations that is often overlooked is Land Tax. Tony looks at how this can impact your bottom line and the importance of not over-loading your property portfolio with too many assets in one State.

Tony updates us on the impact of Covid-19 when it comes to advice and planning around cash flow management and financial modelling and we discuss some recent examples he’s had with whether to sell or retain a property.

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