Episode 19: The New Real Estate Revolution with Andy Reid

This week’s guest is born and raised in the U.K. and has a degree in Mechanical Engineering fell in love with the hospitality industry and operated as a Bar and Venue Manager for 8 years looking after up to 250 staff.

He moved to Australia in 2010 and started in Residential Real Estate Sales and by 2012 had discovered a passion for Auctioneering.

He quickly climbed the Sales Ladder at Stockdale & Leggo where he progressed into a Sales Management Role and in 2017 launched his freelance Auctioneering Business servicing all of Melbourne Metro.

In 2018 went full-time with Sold By Group and opened a marketing and training department within the business and is now servicing some 60-70 Real Estate Businesses across Melbourne – Welcome Andy Reid…

Andy I dive in to an exciting topic – The New Real Estate Revolution.. Andy shares what this is all about.

We get some insight in to what really motivated Andy to start Andy Reid Inspiring Action. I feel he’s got a bee in his bonnet!

Andy with the greatest of respect Real Estate Sales Trainers are a dime a dozen what is going to make your business any different?

So with that said we draw breath as I ask Andy “Where do you see how the industry can evolve for a better customer experience?”

With such upheaval as a result of Covid I ask Andy his opinion on how he feels the industry has adapted to not only open for inspection but the new sales environment?

Our audience wants to know if Andy sees things going back to the way they were prior to Covid and Lockdown?

Andy What do you think have been the lessons from Covid from the consumer’s perspective and from the Sales Side of the fence?

I approach the topic of Utopia and ask Andy “Do you see a new world where the relationship between the customer and the real estate industry becomes more collaborative?”

We explore Andy’s nightly Live Show that streams across Facebook, Linkedin and YouTube called “Ask Andy Anything.” – Andy shares what it’s about and what’s the current pulse of the Real Estate Industry. We delve in to what it is that Agents are saying and what are they doing to negotiate this tricky time.

So Andy with today’s theme in mind “The New Real Estate Revolution” I top out with what Andy Reid’s priorities will be over the next 6 months.

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