Episode 22: Budgets, Property TV & Mental Health with Andy Reid

This week I am bringing back one of the superstars of the Real Estate Industry a man who really has been a shining light for the Real Estate Industry across Australia but more specifically and crucially he has been a real lighthouse even for some a life preserver here in Melbourne for Agents who have unable to service the needs of our community and I am referring to none other than the man who at 9pm each night goes live across all the main Social Media Platforms hostingthe “Ask Andy Anything” show my guest this week is who I’ve dubbed Sir Andy Reid.

Andy talks about Tax Rebates more specifically the PITP – the Personal Income Tax Plan which was originally announced as part of the 2019-20 Budget, and will bring forward the announced tax cuts for lower income brackets.

Andy talks about the two key changes that have been proposed.

We discuss the announcements made in the delayed COVID-19 Budget by Treasurer Josh Frydenberg who presents the Government’s strategy to Australia’s biggest economic challenge since the Great Depression.

Andy talks about the Federal Governments massive spending spree with the Jobkeeper and Jobmaker Programs and how much this is expected to cost.

I ask Andy about when the worst of the economic impact of the COVID-pandemic is to have struck?

We look at the Unemployment numbers and Migrations and what we’ve learned so far is the Government’s strategy includes two phases:

  • a COVID-19 Economic Recovery Plan that targets job creation; and
  • a medium term phase that’s focused on stabilising and then reducing debt as a share of the economy.

Andy and I discuss the most active cohort in the market the First Home Buyers who’ve been showered with huge Pressies of Federal and State Grants and Exemptions including the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme. We explore whether this is likely to continue.

We take a look at what’s happening at the coalface and talk about the “real impact” with the Real Estate market grinding to a halt – We explore divorce and the forced sale of property assets and the huge backlog of cases waiting for a hearing before Consumer Affairs in the struggle between landlords and tenants and we share a few “home truths” about landlords.

We look at what the future holds for the property market beyond March 2021 with the cessation of Jobkeeper.

Andy gives us some insights into his new gig as a Host of Property TV and what viewers should expect both the public and the Real Estate Community.

This episode finishes with a look at the new App RealCare designed specifically for the Real Estate Industry an initiative to promote wellness and wellbeing for those in Industry and finally Andy and I talk about some fantastic interviews with our industry brothers on 100 Words Mate to Mate and I even get to have a plug about my Global Launch of Saving Brothers.

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