Episode 23: Taking Charge of Your Life with Renee Giarrusso

My guest this week is a communication and leadership expert whose obsession is with seeing people reach their full potential. She passionately works with leaders, teams and organisations to go to the next level by mastering cut-through communication, an accelerated mindset, motivation, leadership of self and others and the realisation of the limitless possibility we all have to succeed.

She is the Author of Limitless Leadership – A Guide to Leading from the Inside Out.

Renee shares her insights into the importance around Self Accountability and gives us what she sees as the keys to living a life where you hold yourself accountable.

In Renee’s Limitless Leadership Academy we unpack her purpose built program that helps you to take working remotely to the next level – “Supercharge Working Remotely is her online course and she takes us backstage as we learn all about how this is shifting people’s mindsets and beliefs of how working from home can be reframed.

I ask Renee how Self Accountability can play a significant role in helping people get to where they want to when it comes to financial control. It’s all about starting with the end in mind and Renee shares insights into one of my favourites concepts that of a DREAM Team.

We chat about the impact life events can have on people particularly those who may have been through a Divorce (like me) or a Medical Scare where they have say by their mid-40’s early 50’s their financial landscape has been rocked. Renee shares advice with our listeners on how individuals can take back control and use it as a springboard to greater things!

I ask Renee about the role motivation plays for people and Renee zero’s in on the importance of having a strong Purpose and a Commitment to your goal can help you get back that “Pep in Your Step!”

One of the things you focus on in your “Supercharge Working Remotely” is the importance of AMPLIFY, ADAPT & ADJUST. So in terms of Property how does this apply to the “Holy Grail of Property Investing? “

Renee is very big on Self Compassion and with World Mental Health Day having just past on October 10 I ask her about the role of Self-Compassion and Negative Self-talk plus gives our listeners some great tips on how to be Kind To Ourselves.

Our discussion takes us in to the area of Self-Sabotage and Renee opens up about the need to “Flip Your Beliefs” and how people can help themselves shift from this “DESTRUCTIVE” way of thinking to operating with a mindset that serves them.

Another of Renee’s beliefs is what she terms3-Dimensional Decision Making, namely the role of The Past, The Present & The Future.

One of the things I love about Renee is her selflessness and this is evident in her new book set for release in March 2021 – Renee shares about “Having a Gift Mindset” and some situations in which this can be applied to Property Investing.

Finally we explore another of Renee’s quotes ” Comfort and Fear are the enemies of Progress!” and Renee gives us some context around this.

A very timely episode considering the significant changes we are all experiencing in 2020.

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