Episode 24: What’s Your Plan for 2021? with Terry Ryder

This week Terry and I look at 2020 and discuss in light of the pandemic what’s going to be different next year from this year?

It would be fair to say that most people have not thought about next year and their plan but it’s only 9 weeks to 2021!

We explore the mass of uncertainty that most people are faced with but on reflection we salute the Australian Property Market for what it has shown us during the pandemic and that is that it’s been a great advertisement for real estate.

Terry is bullish about next year and we look at what is behind this optimism and the signals that support his thinking.

We discuss the massive Infrastructure lead recovery with the Federal and State Governments showing their willingness to go into debt to fund infrastructure expenditure in this exceptionally low interest rate environment.

We look at the performance of the Capital Cities and Regionals in 2020 and look ahead to where investors should look for growth and stability.

Terry and I emphasise that now is the time to get your house in order as if you are doing a “pre-season” and get yourself in good shape to be “financially fit” for the new year by getting in place your key people; your DREAM Team.

You need to build your team before you build your portfolio and that includes getting your finance sorted out before you start so you are ready to jump and move quickly to secure a good property without being reckless.

As always, we love to give our audience anecdotal evidence of what’s happening around the markets and we ever mention dare I say it… the word BOOM in some regional centres!

Terry goes back over an old chestnut and that is how your 2021 plan should be different if you want to stand out from the herd and that is by engaging the right professionals to provide you with research, he talks of the importance of treating property investing like running a second business.

Terry and I unpack why a Buyer’s Advocate is essential particularly if you want to know where to buy and that includes what streets to buy in and the one’s to avoid and how to leverage the value of a good Buyer’s Advocate’s relationships with the local agents by accessing those great property deals that never even come on to the market and how many of the best property transactions are happening behind closed doors.

2021 proves to be a big one for those who get their plan in and DREAM Team in order now.

Oh and it wouldn’t be right would it if we didn’t touch on this weekend’s upcoming AFL & NRL Grand Finals!!

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