Episode 26: Buying Wisely With The Right Metro Buyers Agent with Emily Wallace

This week my guest is Emily Wallace who has a Bachelors Degree in Education specialising in Primary Teaching. Emily saw a real gap in the Property Market for First Home Buyers in particular and embarked on a career as a Buyer’s Advocate.

Emily is also the Co-host of Ticker Property and the founder of EW Education.
Today Emily shares with us what was the reason for the change in direction and we ask her about her thoughts on what are the main attributes of a successful Buyer’s Agent.

We discuss what separates a great Buyer’s Advocate from an average Buyer’s Advocate.

I ask Emily about who is the typical client that would come to her seeking her expertise and guidance in buying the right property and Emily shares some commonalities around what her buyer profile looks like.

Emily and I discuss what has changed in attitudes amongst buyers Pre-Covid and since Melbourne has come out of Lockdown.

It is always nice to hear about the wins and Emily has had plenty of those for her clients and she gladly shares some of these.

We also look at why a buyer should seek help in the buying process rather than doing it themselves.

Emily tells our listeners very openly about instances where buyers did not choose to work with her and what that meant to the outcome for some of these buyers.

Emily talks about the extensive amount of research she and her team does and part of that is in the preparation and work in Off-Market Purchases. I ask Emily how she goes about sourcing these opportunities and it’s not what you might think. She’s definitely one lady that refreshinlgy thinks outside the box.

We chat about the significant level of optimism in the Markets and Emily shares some current stories that are quite incredible in light of Melbourne’s opening up since Lockdown 2.

Emily has a real knack at buying Pre-Market and we learn from her how she is using this as a for buyers that are ready to move forward.

I get Emily’s expert thoughts on what she sees ahead in the Property Market for 2021 and how that will impact buyers and their expectations.

Emily tells us about her show Ticker Property and finally we ask Emily about what’s in store for her over the next 5 years!

Oh and one last thing Emily gives some top tips on some Do’s and Don’ts when looking at buying your first or next property.

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