Episode 27: 2020 – The Year in Review – Winners and Losers with Terry Ryder

Today I catch up with Terry Ryder where we look back on the year that was and in particular have a good look at the Winners and Losers of the Property Market in 2020.

We look at the usual suspects including the Mainstream Media and the impact they have had on reporting and market sentiment and their perplexing obsession on why they seek the opinions of those who really shouldn’t be relied upon to provide commentary as the so-called “Property Market Experts.”

Terry and I take a look at what this has meant for Investors in particular what has this “cost” investors and vendors by listening to this “noise…”

We look at other winners those who took our advice back in March 2020 and what this has meant for their portfolios.

We celebrate the resilience of the Australian Property Markets and look at what the breaking of the drought has meant for regional property markets.

When assessing the losers we couldn’t go past the Inner City Apartment Markets particularly those in Sydney and Melbourne and what Covid has meant for this once vibrant sector in terms of rental returns and future prospects.

I quiz Terry on some sleepers, areas we haven’t really discussed before and why we like them and what this could mean for investors who want to get 2021 off to a great start.

Terry reminds our listeners of the importance of getting your ducks in a row by sorting out your finance so you are in a position to be able to act quickly for the “right property!”

As usual we share plenty of anecdotal evidence of what’s going on in the markets.

I couldn’t not mention my latest win with my first ever article being published this week in Canstar where I write about “Is now the Time for a Tree Change?”

Terry and I do our wrap up for 2020…Yep I would have to say we’ve done pretty well and those who listened in and followed our advice should be well satisfied too.

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