Episode 28: It’s all about Value, Value Value! with Brenton Salmon

This Week my guest is Brenton Salmon the Managing Director of BjS Valuations a firm based in Melbourne servicing Australia and the U.S.A.

Brenton started in Real Estate in 1996 in Brisbane QLD. He started out in a sales role in The “Heady days” of when you really had to work. It was back then a case of prospect or starve as in those days there were no retainers or advances against future earnings… It was purely Commission only sales.

After 6 months of hustling he was making a Six Figure Income and mind you this was still 2 years before the boom.

In 2006 Brenton completed an MBA with a focus on property valuations- valuing everything from commercial, industrial & high-end residential property then branched out into the specialised area of insurance.

Brenton shares his reasons for embarking on a Tertiary path back in 2006 where he undertook a Bachelor of Science.

Alarmingly Brenton shares some damning Statistics about People and Corporates being underinsured…the % will surprise you.

I ask Brenton about when he would recommend getting a Valuation and we chat about the different types of Valuations worth doing.

Brenton cites some examples of his time in the Insurance world and we learn about some of the more interesting work he does in Valuing Churches, Resorts, Deep Water Moorings and Marinas.

As Brenton’s travels as a Valuer take him all across Australia I couldn’t help but ask him what his views are on the Australian Regional Property Market are. It’s worth listening to this episode just for this! W

We wrap up the final episode for 2020 with Brenton’s advice and thoughts for anyone wanting to be serious about investing in 2021.

Wow What a Year 2020 has been in so many ways!

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