Episode 31: Have we Got a Locust Plague in the Property Market?

This week Terry and I get out the insect repellent to tackle what I am calling a Locust Plague!! Yep it’s a Pandemic but not of the COVID kind – It’s buyers swarming on property markets all over Australia in what Terry is referring to the first National Property Boom in 20 years.

We take a look at the impact on the finish of Jobkeeper and we unpack what we think will happen to the Property Markets across Australia when it is no longer around. Our view won’t surprise you!

Terry gives his insights in what lies ahead for Investors and for how long this market will keep going. For those who thought the market will flatten out soon and want to wait for a correction or softening of the markets across Australia I’m sorry but you are going to be disappointed.

As usual we share what’s happening around the traps and whether stock levels are on the rise particularly in Regional Property Markets.

We explore what some Media Commentators are referring to as a “Thing” and shine the spotlight on what is “actually happening” in Regional Markets with the exodus to affordable living. You will be surprised but it’s been going on longer than 5 years!

There are some very big Infrastructure Projects underway and we take a look at the importance of Infrastructure upgrades such as the Inland Rail Project and what this will mean to businesses, farmers and producers to national and global markets as they generate new opportunities for industries and regions. It’s going to be huge!

I share with everyone what I got up to last week with my Regional Property trip via Sydney and on to the Upper Hunter Valley to Muswellbrook and Scone.

We chat about the importance of “Walking the streets” and getting a feel for a town seeing what the “heartbeat” is like. Yes you cannot beat actually being there first-hand.

I chat with Terry about the other places I stopped in including Parkes; considered to be the crossroads of the nation with the Newell Highway connecting Brisbane and Melbourne and the transcontinental railway linking the Eastern Seaboard to Perth and of course – the Home of The Dish.

We discuss the NSW Government’s First SAP – Special Activation Precinct and what this means for Parkes.

My final stop on my Regional Pilgrimage is in the Riverina at Wagga Wagga on the magnificent Murrumbidgee River.

We finish up with some examples on the Importance of walking the streets for any Wanna Be Investors who are looking to become Serious Investors!

So much to share that I felt like I was one of the Leyland Brothers for those who are old enough to remember that great TV Show.

I leave the final word to Terry as we wrap up this Episode as we manage to cover off some of the ways to get ahead of the Locusts.

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