Episode 33: Don’t Just Sit on Your Hands with Peter Handberg

In this weeks episode I catch up with Peter Handberg where we get in to the silent but massively powerful river of opportunity floating past us while most of us just sit on the bank without really participating.

Peter gets in to the silent sleeper that we all have but that so few of us are giving it the attention it needs. Superannuation.

Today’s topic is all about giving people the right framework from which they can launch into wealth-building opportunities like property investment.

We take a look at some of the differences between the Top 10 and the Bottom 10 Superannuation Funds and this will absolutely shock you when that is compounded over a number of years. We’re talking best & worst for:

  • Performance (how well they are growing your nest-egg on your behalf)
  • Fees (how heavily they are eroding your nest egg along the journey.
  • It’s impact on your Retirement Savings can be huge and Peter shows us exactly what this could look like for everyday Australians.

Peter gives us a Road Map on how to get your Superannuation in to the right place to perform better and cut down on those fees.

I ask Peter about the Day to Day impact on one’s life by getting their House in Order in terms of their Superannuation. It’s all about Switching Up Your Game Plan and once again Peter shows our audience just how to go about this.

If you aren’t ready to take action with your Financial Map and your Superannuation after this episode then quite frankly you never will be.

This is one Podcast that could be life changing.

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