Episode 35: The Impact of the Olympic Games on the Brisbane Property Market

In this week’s episode I catch up with Terry Ryder and this time it’s not all about Regional Property Markets.

  • Terry and I take a look at the impact of the announcement of the 2032 Olympic Games and what this means for the Brisbane Property Market.
  • Terry looks at research on the impact of past Olympics in Host Cities around the World including Sydney in 2000.
  • We talk about the impact of past International Events on the Brisbane Property Market such as Expo 88, the Brisbane Commonwealth Games in 1982 and the G20 Summit in 2014.
  • Terry talks about what usually happens when a Big Event is announced.
  • Terry gives insights in to where and how the impact will be felt. We look at some of the suburbs that are likely to benefit from the announcement.
  • I ask Terry about whether the Brisbane Market is going through a rise at the moment and whether the Olympics Announcement was a factor.
  • We also look at other Queensland Cities likely to benefit from the Announcement of the Upcoming 2032 Olympic Games in Brisbane and what is happening with Infrastructure spending.
  • We chat about some other things happening that will have a positive effect on the Toowoomba Property such as the announcement by the State Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk of the construction of the new Quarantine Facility nearby the Wellcamp Airport.
  • As usual lots to chat about and of course we provide some insights into where some of that Treasure could be located now and in the near future.
  • usual Terry and I go “Around the Grounds” and look at the Regional Cities that are on our radar.
  • Before that though we take a swipe at the complacency by the Federal and State Governments in how they have handled the roll out of the vaccine and quarantine. It’s a very important topic and one that impacts greatly our Real Estate Markets.
  • With so many markets on the up as Australia is in the grip of the first National Property Boom in 20 years it would be hard NOT to make money right now.
  • What we hone in on though is that if this is the case then when you buy you should be taking a longer game approach because at some point this frenetic market will start to slow down so those smarter investors are going to be the one’s who bought in Regional Cities that have the
  • “right fundamentals.” We cover off some of these key indicators and Terry shares with our audience the benefits of tracking cities with his Quarterly Property Price Index.
  • Our search for the “Holy Grail” takes us to Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales and Queensland this week and with each of the 4 Regions we look at some of the key drivers in those markets.
  • I talk about the value of investing in the “right research” and Terry reiterates the importance of treating Property Investing as a “Business” if you want to get the most from your investment journey.
  • As Terry says” You’ve got to spend money to make money.”
  • With Melbourne in the grip of Lockdown 6.0 it highlights just how important it is to have people and contacts “on the ground” in Regional Centres which has enabled our business to keep growing when many businesses have been unable to trade.

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