Episode 36: Will the Exodus to Regional Reverse After Covid?

In this episode I catch up with regular guest Terry Ryder and we take a look at the Exodus to Affordable Living namely city dwellers moving to Regional Locations.

Some in media have predicted that once Covid-19 is over that many will flock back to the Capital Cities.

Terry & I unpack what’s happening and it will be no surprise to many that this phenomenon has been going for several years now.

We take a look at the T word and what it is and what it means for the future of Regional Living.

Terry cites many examples of why the Australian Property Landscape has changed and will forever look different to how it is now.

There are some incredible Regional Success stories and we take a closer look at those and why these and others are set to continue to prosper.

Asalwayswe include real “In the trenches” examples of what’s happening at the coalface.

Of coursewe don’t miss by giving the Mainstream Media a whack with their over simplification of Markets and their drivers.

Finallywe wrap up with the importance of your Research and how this can lead to outstanding results when applied appropriately.

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