Episode 37: If You Want the Right Answers You’ve Got to Ask the Right Questions

In this episode I catch up with regular guest Terry Ryder and we take a look at the types of questions we both get asked as a Property Analyst and a Buyers Advocate.

We come to the conclusion that a lot of these are based on the misinformation on what people have read, listened too or watched in the past via Mainstream Media.

One of the most misconceptions for example is the notion that you should buy in a Capital City and that being close to the CBD is really important.

We discuss how times have changed and that this is no longer the case and why.

We cite examples of cities that refute this argument and there are plenty of them these days.

Some examples of questions we will look at include “Is an apartment still a good purchase?”

“Can you tell me the likely capital growth in XYZ suburb in the next 10 years?”

“Would you put a granny flat on a property?” and a number of others.

The key message is You always start with where it is you want to go and work backwards from there and that will help you to formulate the right questions to ask for your personal situation. In a nut shell there isn’t a Yes or No answer…one size definitely does not fit all.

Terry and I reiterate the importance of asking the right types of questions and we give examples and as always the value of investing in research cannot be underestimated and we cover off why.

The final word… The past performance of a city is not necessarily a good indicator of what the likely capital growth is going to be for the future and again we show examples of slow regional cities that are now booming and why.

As always we include real “In the trenches” examples of what’s happening at the coalface.

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