Episode 39: South Australia The Technology Capital of Australia…Lots to Like

This week I talk with Terry Ryder about The City of Churches Adelaide. It’s no longer the sleepy country town but rather it is the leading Technology Centre of Australia.

We talk about the Companies who now call Adelaide Home and what is happening with Technology, Aerospace and Manufacturing, Defence, Logistics and Automotive.

I ask terry about the $1.9 billion Edinburgh Parks Precinct under development and the Defence projects that represent over $4 billion a year to the local economy and the creation of 11,000 jobs over the next 10 years.

I share with Terry some examples of suburbs with capital growth within 25km from the Adelaide City that have rental returns in the mid to high 6’s.

We discuss Rental Vacancies and why they are so low and give examples of what’s really happening at the coalface.

Terry shares his thoughts on why Adelaide is such a winner with it’s proximity to two winery precincts, gorgeous beaches and the Adelaide Hills.

We chat about the future for Adelaide and compare it’s position to Brisbane.

As usual we check out what is happening in other markets with real stories and we take a look and a swipe at the Mainstream Media who keep spruiking about the “Property Market” being on the verge of a price fall (I note that we never refer to the “Property Market” as Australia is made up of thousands of Markets.

We also examine the Media Rhetoric around a possible Interest Rate rise and put some perspective around what this means or could mean.

There’s a lot to like about this market and we give thought to why it is likely to keep going up for at least another 12 months.

Hold on to your hat Folks!

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