Episode 40: Uncovering Those Hidden Gems in a Boom Market

This week I talk with Terry Ryder about some of the cities that haven’t attracted a lot of attention for “Treasure Hunters” like me.

In a market where just about everything investors touch seems to be turning to gold we felt it important to uncover Regional Cities that are at an earlier phase of the investment cycle.

At The Holy Grail we want to ensure our clients are buying wisely and not getting caught up in Media Hype and following the herd.

Terry and I take a look at Murray Bridge 80kms south-east of the Adelaide CBD.

We look at the prospects for growth, some of the main employers, the median price and it’s extraordinary low vacancy rates for houses.

We next move on to Port Lincoln located about 280km from Adelaide as the crow flies and 650km by road. Port Lincoln is primarily driven by established agriculture, manufacturing, fishing, tourism and mining. We discuss the Future Prospects for Port Lincoln.

Then it’s up to Queensland and the coastal port of Gladstone which has had a checkered history since the property market crash in 2013. We unpack the main factors that caused this downturn.

Gladstone is making a comeback with vacancy rates now at 1.1% according to SQM Research and the annual number of house sales up 68% over the year.

What’s driving the renewed interest in Gladstone and what projects are underway and or forecast?

With the fall in prices over the previous 5-6 years this means the Gladstone property market is now one of the cheapest among regional cities of Queensland. We take a closer look at some of the better performing suburbs.

Staying in Queensland we explore Biloela a rural town 120km south-west of Gladstone and 145km south of Rockhampton. There’s great dollar value in Biloela with the median house price at $255,000. We take a look at the economic drivers of this location and how it is feeding off the back off the Gladstone resurgence. With a vacancy rate of just 0.5% it represents good value in our opinion.

Finally we take a swipe at the Mainstream Media for it’s constant scaremongering about Interest Rates and Property Prices and add some balance to this conversation.

Happy Treasure Hunting folks.

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