Episode 5: Why Regional Property Investing Makes Sense with Terry Ryder

  • We take a deeper look at the Holy Grail of Property Investing or what Terry Ryder refers to as the Win Win Win – What is this?
  • We share some interesting facts- Regional Cities have Outperformed Capitals – Evidence of This Last 5 Years in NSW – Newcastle, Orange & Wollongong Better Growth than Sydney
  • Evidence in Victoria Geelong and Ballarat – Better Growth than Melbourne.
  • The Quarterly Price Predictor – Just what is it and what does it measure?
  • The top 3 Regions for Price Performance in the last 12 months have all been in the Regional Areas. – We Rank the best performers.
  • Regional economies tend to be steadier than Capital Cities – Less Price Volatility.
  • Think Small for Big Growth – Terry explains what this means.
  • We break down CoreLogic’s Pain & Gain Report – Looks at how many of the properties sold in the most recent quarter sold for a profit defined by a price sold that is higher than what the seller bought the property for when they were the buyer.
  • Regional Properties are more Affordable than Capital Cities – We buy from $150k to $250k typically. Houses in Capital Cities usually over $400,000.
  • Affordable Properties – What does this mean for Investors?
  • We discuss the psychological benefit from being able to start and how this creates a Positive Sense of Achievement.
  • Trying to save up for a more expensive property in a Capital City can be disheartening and stressful. – A sense of hopelessness.
  • Regional Property – Lower Prices Allows Diversity – No need to put all your eggs in One Basket.
  • Lower Price Means Less Deposit Required – So easier to save up than for a more expensive Property in a Capital City.
  • Don’t Need to borrow as much so lower loan repayments. – Less stress.
  • Lower prices means Higher Rental Yields
  • Cash Positive – How would this work? What does it mean to the Investor?
  • The Importance of Strong Local Economies – Vibrant Local Economies – Real Estate Markets rise out of Local Economies. More about local dynamics less about National Factors like the level of interest rates or tax benefits it’s really about what’s going on in the local economy.
  • Why are Families moving to Regional Areas? We look at Lifestyle & Getting Better Bang for your Buck! A way to have a better lifestyle – A Country Lifestyle. Families see it as Better Bang for your buck.
  • We take a look at some of these Vibrant diversified economies that are creating jobs & have good prospects for future Capital Growth.
  • As The Key Focus of our Philosophy at Philip Robison Property is very much about Affordability Terry & I look at the Top 5 Regional Areas that have prospects for Growth in 2020.

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