Episode 7: The Importance of Mindset When Investing with Ash Playsted

In this episode I take a Deep Dive in to the importance and role having the right Mindset plays and shapes our outcomes when it comes to Property Investing.

Ash Playsted aka “the mindset coaches mindset coach” the “unfair advantage” and “the secret weapon”as described by his clients shares with us what he describes as the Bulletproof Mindset.

We unpack the “Champion’s Bulletproof Mindset” What is it and how does it work?

Ash shares his backstory on how he arrived at being a Mindset Coach.

How important is the connection between money and mindset?

Ash – Answer:… “It’s everything.”

Ash shares how having the right mindset shapes and determines the outcomes we have in relation to property investing.

So what are “The 7 Mental Tricks Only the Rich Use?”– Ash spells this out.

In light of the significant changes the world is going through at the moment with Covid-19 we discuss a recent article Ash put up on social media titled ” Great Opportunities are Born During Great Difficulties”…

The 3 Core Beliefs and how they relate to investing in Property.

1) Your Core Beliefs you Have About Yourself.

2) Your Core Beliefs you Have About Others.

3) Your Core Beliefs About the World.

Pain or Power? You Get to Choose… How does this relate to being a Property Investor?

– Embracing the victor or be the victim?

– Playing the victim is easy – You Won’t have to do anything.

– You have to choose – If you don’t choose the victim wins!

In the context of Property Investing and setting goals for the remainder of the year can you share with our listeners what they must do if they want to reach their goals?

– You can always control the goal – You can’t control the outcome.

Taking specific actions is your goal, not the outcomes those actions lead to.

What is the process you go through to keep things under control?

Phase 1 – Choose ONE Primary Outcome.

Phase 2 – Actions to Produce the Outcome.

Phase 3 – Sequencing & Scheduling.

Conclusion: To change your circumstances:

– Write down the outcome you want (stated in the positive) – In the context of being a Property Investor.

– List out all the actions you need to take to achieve that outcome.

– Boil down those actions into a single hourly, daily, weekly, monthly goal (action) that you take consistently.

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