Episode #46 – How an Ordinary Bank Teller Acquired 151 Properties with Felicity Heffernan

How does an “Ordinary” Bank teller go from working in a Bank to accumulating 151 properties? Well strap yourself in, grab a cup of coffee and lean in as Felicity Heffernan reveals just how she did it and still managed to have a life.

At 39 with two kids under 5 Felicity came across a system that was highly profitable known as “Vendor Finance.” Felicity unpacks how this worked and how she raised “Private Finance” for each house.

Felicity shares the good, the bad and the ugly of owning 151 properties…from evictions to a house burning down to the ground and the ramifications of this.

By 2010 Felicity had 80 odd properties on her books and she shares that it has taken until now to widdle her Vendor Finance properties down to 5 people who are still with her despite Felicity’s best efforts to bring them across to a traditional lender.

I ask Felicity about her advice to someone about to get on the investment ladder and how she would approach assisting someone who has been through a “life event” and are in the process of rebuilding. This will give you HOPE.

Mindset plays a big part in all this…

Felicity’s final piece of advice for our listeners is…”Turn the TV Off…it only paints a picture of Doom and Gloom.”

Secondly do what the airlines suggest and that is “Put your own facemask on first, then you help others!” A sage piece of advice. You have to help yourself first.

Felicity’s book is available on Amazon at https://amzn.asia/d/06oQvIG

or on her website https://propertyloanadvisor.com.au/

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