Investment loan - Uncover your Holy Grail

Beyond the capital cities of Australia are little pockets of riches waiting to be found. 

While treasure hunters often have a gold-rush fever for urban dwellings, they don’t see the sparkling property jewels awaiting discovery in regional areas around the country. 

At The Holy Grail of Property Investing, we focus on property investments away from inner-city suburbs for two reasons:


Restructuring loan - Access equity with clarity

Do you want to free up some funds within your current treasure chest? We can assist you in restructuring your existing home loan to better suit your needs. 

Unlocking equity within your mortgage can allow you to purchase an investment property, while re-negotiating your interest rate could see you save hundreds each month, or thousands off the life of your loan!

SMSF lending - Earn a greater return

Do you know you could purchase an investment property with your superannuation funds? 

Through a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) loan, you can invest in a way that will see your retirement savings grow.