Meet Your Qualified Property Guides

Philip Robison - Founder and Buyer’s Agent


Philip has been working in the property investment realm for the last two decades, helping treasure hunters find gold that gleams. 

He believes great - and untapped - riches are to be found in regional properties because of the low-cost entry into the market and the strong rental yield and capital growth opportunities.

Philip’s passion is to analyse property data of regional Australia, uncovering where the buried treasure lies and passing this information on to his clients.

Philip loves seeing success when those ‘diamond-in-the-rough’ properties turn out to have the brightest shine. Nothing gives him more of a thrill than watching his clients uncover a previously-hidden treasure trove.

Ross Laurenson - Finance Manager

With 42 years in the Financial Services industry and as an Australian Credit License Holder, Ross knows funding like the back of his hand. 

Thanks to decades of experience across roles such as Car Financier, Broker, and Mortgage Manager, Ross acts as your personal property compass, pointing you in the right financial direction towards an investment loan that best suits your needs.

If you’re not sure whether you’re ready to invest, take our preliminary assessment and Ross will show you ways to improve your finances to put you in a strong position to grow your portfolio and unearth your Holy Grail in property investing


Rod Stelling - Compliance Manager


With more than 16 years in the home financing business, Rod knows the ins-and-outs of mortgage brokering.  

While Rod’s expertise lies in finding home loans for self-employed business owners, he is also knowledgeable on refinancing, debt consolidation and taxes.

Rod is an Australian Credit License Holder.

Tanya Italiano - Office Manager

Don’t get swamped in paperwork! Tanya is here to guide you through all the administrative tasks of purchasing an investment property. 

Dedicated, approachable and reliable, Tanya works tirelessly to ensure your foray into property investing brings you the outcome you are seeking.